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Designing a Stock maintenance and Billing software

I am designing a small software for distributors and dealers. The software will help in stock maintenance and billing. I am in early stage and want to make a software that is easily customizable.

Is there any material available online which I can refer for designing this software? Some key questions like:

(1) How items need to be managed? How item codes are alloted, whether on color/size basis or product-wise?

(2) How discounts varies on bill? Either to be calculated on Gross Amount or Taxable Amount?

Any help from experienced users in this forum will be highly appreciated.
Monday, August 11, 2008
The best thing I can advise is that you buy a copy of The Data Model Resource Book by Len Silverston. It provides a database schema for virtually every business application you would wish to write, and explains the business logic involved, with some examples. How you write the application to maintain the database contents and implement the business logic is then up to you.
Tony Marston Send private email
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
For what it's worth, I couldn't imagine why you'd ever apply a discount to the after-tax amount.

Deconstruct it.

Applying discounts after tax:
Your cost $80
Retail Price: $100
Add 7% Tax: $107; Tax Burden: $7
Less 10% Discount: $96.3

Your P/L:
$96.30 in revenue less $80 costs less $7 tax burden: $9.3 profit.

Applying them pre tax:
Your cost $80
Retail: $100
Less 10% Discount: $90
Add 7% Tax: $96.3; Tax Burden $6.30

Your P/L:
$96.30 in revenue less $80 costs less $6.30 tax burden: $10 profit.
Shane Harter
Saturday, August 16, 2008
You might want to take a look at
Jorge Send private email
Friday, August 29, 2008

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