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Is there a bug with WTL property sheets?

It appears like there is something very funny going on with WTL property sheets. I want my (wizard) property sheet to startup hidden, but this does not work well at all. In PSCB_INITIALIZED I try to call ShowWindow with WS_HIDE and WS_SHOWMINIMIZED, and both caused the wizard to pop-up all wacky. In-fact, the WS_SHOWMINIMIZED caused the wizard to lose all the controls when restored. So is something wrong with property sheets in WTL, or is it me?? Of-course, if there is another way you may know of how I have pop-up a modal wizard which is hidden, then please let me know...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
WTL used to have lots of bugs, most of them got fixed in the most recent version.

There's also an article on the CodeProject regarding WTL bugs, and how to work around them. (May not apply to the newest version of WTL, I haven't checked.)
Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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