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Accessing data cube over the internet with Excel

We have built a data cube with SQL Server Analysis Services and now we’re looking for a way that our users can browse the data in the cube.

We have been using Excel 2007 during development and that works really well. We can connect to the cube easily because it’s all on the same network, but it won’t be when we go live and make the data cube available to our clients – they’ll connect to the over the internet and through firewalls.

I really like the functionality that Excel 2007 offers and I know our users will prefer something familiar (they already use Excel), so I’m hoping to carry on using Excel 2007.

I know Microsoft have various technologies to help with this: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), Excel Services, Excel Web Access, Performance Point etc. But I have no experience with any of these and I’m hoping that someone with the experience of tackling this problem will be able to advise me on the way that worked for them. Or direct me to some resource (book or URL) that could help.
Craig Send private email
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
If you would like to use excel, you need to look into olap over http.

make sure you use SSL if this is going to be outside the firewall

Here is how to set it up with IIS:
BigJimSlade Send private email
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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