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Charting & Reporting for WTL

I am looking for some open source Charing&Reporting library for Windows Template Library(WTL). So far I've not found any. Could you give some recommendation? Thanks a lot
Qclick Send private email
Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Not to discourage you, but a lack of one is one of the reasons I switched back to MFC. WTL is very nice to program but there is so little 3rd party support that I gave up. No grid control either, I started writing my own but it's so much work... After the MFC update for VS2008 I gave up, there is no way a sole developer can implement all of that GUI functionality which means that MFC application will always be better looking / have an easier UI.

As a related question, I'm looking for a reporting component for MFC :) Actually I'm looking for a Crystal Reports replacement, it's too heavy and has too many features I don't use / need. Something like the Access report designer would be ideal, if I could set the values from code (i.e., not data-bound).
Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Is there some reason hosting an ActiveX control in your WTL app will not work?
Jon Lundberg Send private email
Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Jon, thanks for your reminding:)
Qclick Send private email
Wednesday, July 02, 2008
You can find some hand-crafted WTL charting and reporting components on but they all require much debugging and polishing.
Dennis Crane Send private email
Wednesday, July 09, 2008

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