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does this product exist - if not...please make it

I have windows-based laptop, that will drive a second display if you plug it into the back. Great. Use it at work like this all the time.

At home - I have an iMac. No video in, of course.

I want to be able to use the Mac as a second monitor for the PC.

What I think I need is some program that makes the PC think it has a virtual video card in it. Then VNC to that "second" display from the Mac, and have a type of win2vnc (?) implementation that will allow use of one keyboard mouse combo across both screens.

So basically I want Maxivista with a Mac monitor.
I want ScreenRecycler but for Windows not Mac.

Anyone know if this product exists?
PB&J Send private email
Friday, April 04, 2008
I've used MaxiVista before, and it works great. But for the cross platform support you are describing, I'm not sure one exists. (The quickest Google searches brought up nothing)

However, what you could do (*untested idea*) is set up a virtual machine with windows on it. Then you could install maxivista on the virtual machine and you eliminate the need for the cross-platform support. I've never tried this, but I think it could work.

Good Luck!
Jordan Sherer Send private email
Saturday, April 05, 2008
There's a program called Synergy that does that across PCs that are networked together:

It says it works with OS X 10.2 and higher, so maybe it'll do what you want.
Kyralessa Send private email
Saturday, April 05, 2008
Reading the docs - it seems Synergy lets you use one keyboard and mouse across multiple systems sitting next to one another.

Cool - but doesn't address the "extending the PC desktop across the Mac monitor" piece that I'm truly after..
PB&J Send private email
Saturday, April 05, 2008

Looks like it's no. One easy way to solve this is to get out your credit card! Maybe you could achieve it somehow with but I doubt it.
Cymen Vig Send private email
Sunday, April 06, 2008

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