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SQL Server, CE, WinMobile and callbacks

We have a mobile product written in the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 using SQL Server CE 3.0 against a SQL Server 2000 database.

When our app attempts to send or retrieve data we don't ever know if there is a wireless TCP connection available, or if the SQL server is available.  We can test, and we can set a timeout on the connection and the data packet, but I wonder if there is a way to resume a timed-out data request?  Sometimes our data requests involve a lot of data and the server may not have time to respond within the original timeout interval we send, or the server may be bogged down with other tasks.

In other words, we send a request for data or a push-data command from the mobile device to the SQL Server.  The SQL Server doesn't respond within the timeout period.  Is there any function available where we can say "keep trying ... I'll just wait?"  That way we could display a message to the user, ask if they want to wait or cancel, and if they say wait we give the data request more time - as opposed to re-sending it with a longer timeout.
Karl Perry Send private email
Friday, February 22, 2008
You might want to look at the disconnected service agent pieces of the Mobile Client Software Factory (  ). It includes a request queuing system that does what you want.
Chris Tavares Send private email
Saturday, February 23, 2008

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