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which multilingual cms to choose?


I am about to start implementing a medium-sized portal for a client. It has to support two languages: english and greek. It also has to be ready in about a month from now.

I thought that it would good to consider an open source php cms solution than doing it from scratch. I checked JOOMLA and it seemed ok, except that multilingual support does work for the latest version (1.5). On the other hand DRUPAL seems more mature, complex, and seems to have a module (internationalization) for multiple language support. I think these two are currently considered the most stable php cms packages around.

I code in PHP, but I have no previous experience with administering a php cms and to be honest i was discouraged by the aparrent complexity of DRUPAL so I would appreciate your comments or suggestions on this matter. Which cms with multilingual support that would also be easy to learn (due to time restrictions) would you suggest? 

Thank you.
dimitris chrysomallis Send private email
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Drupal has a very extensive collection of add-ons, so you may find everything you thought you'd have to implement already done and tested for you. If you find you have to code a custom addition later, then "Pro Drupal Development" will be worth its weight in gold.
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
I will answer my own question. After a small review i think Drupal is the most flexible and complete. For multilingual functionality you can either use the i18n or Localiser module. Drupal 6 will be multilingual and translatable from its core.

I also found Elxis cms which is a clone of joomla, offering multingual support out-of-the-box, but its templates look a bit outdated.

Finally there is SPIP, a seemingly lightweight cms, that has special provision for multiligual content. However, it uses a native templating language in french (!), which makes things a little harder for me.

At you can review and test most of the php cms systems around.
dimitris chrysomallis Send private email
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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