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DB2 performance tool

Don't know if there are any DB2 experts on this forum.

I am trying to develop a performance monitoring tool for DB2.

Ours is a product company focusing on incentive compensation. The product calculates the results through a multi-threaded java process which takes 2 hrs - 24 hrs depending on the volume of data and the complexity of business rules. The process is very database intensive and executes lots of complex sql.

Basically we are planning to profile our process using this tool.

The objective is to identify the list SQLs which are taking lot of time to run and SQLs being executed more no of times when the process is running.

I have already developed similar tool for Oracle 10g using the 10g new feature called Automatic Workload Repository(AWR) which makes it very easy to analyze the database during a particular time period.

I couldn't find anything comparable to AWR in DB2.

Found something called Snapshot Monitor in DB2. Not sure how much it will be useful for my tool.

Most of my database experience was with oracle. So, I am struggling even to find basic things like how to get recent or active sql in DB2.

Any pointers are appreciated.
mrc Send private email
Thursday, October 11, 2007
It's been a while since I've used DB2 but I believe the following link may point you in the right direction.

Even though the thread is from a couple years back, IBM is pretty good at keeping stuff consistent.  There may also be new features if you're using DB2 v9.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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