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"Click-to-call": Anyone done it?

Hi, all.

Our call center manager has requested that we do some research about implementing a click-to-call feature, which would allow our customers to punch their phone number into a web form and then automatically be queued up for a CSR.

Has anyone ever built this kind of functionality, or read any papers on how it's done?  I've come up with three likely ways for it to be accomplished, and I'm not sure what the "industry norm" would be.

IVR solution:
Caller enters information into web form, which activates a subsection of our existing IVR.  The application dials the caller and initiates the existing transfer and screen pop logic once system confirms that the caller has answered.

PBX solution:
Caller enters information into a web form, which activates a new application that communicates directly with the PBX through CTConnect and Avaya API's.  We modify the screen pop logic to take requests from the web application.

Black Box solution:
We pay a huge amount of money to a vendor to install some mysterious appliance in our data center that connects to our web application server and PBX using serial cable.  The appliance runs a heavily modified version of Amiga Workbench, and needs to be restarted once every hour.  The vendor charges us $.25 for each dialed call.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007
This may not apply directly to your situation, but we implemented a VOIP solution using straight web services calls.  You basically pass a call-from and call-to number through the API, after which the dialer will first call the call-from number, and then connect to the call-to number.  Ours also records the call and offers in-app streaming playback.  It's worked out great for us.
Eric Martineau Send private email
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
It's pretty easy to do with Asterisk, you just need to drop a file with the call information (your number, their number) into a 'spool' folder. Asterisk will call you, and as soon as you pick up will start calling the other person (or, if you get it wrong, the other way round, which led to some confusion...).
G Jones Send private email
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Have a look at the SDK announced by BT. You should be able to build a Click2Call application very quickly. The SDK is available in .NET, Java, Python and PHP.

Joan Everman
Thursday, September 27, 2007
Google has implemented it in its local search if you have noticed.

It works like this. once the customer's number reaches the queue, it calls both the parties and connect them.
sricharan Send private email
Wednesday, October 03, 2007
5 years time ago, we implemented this feature with Dialogic cards and its API. The front end was built in ASP.

It should be very easy to implement now with all the new APIs and the technologies.
sricharan Send private email
Wednesday, October 03, 2007

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