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Would search engines figure this out.

Reading a lot on SEO it has become apparent that inbound links are one of the most important factors driving high search rankings. 

I manage a number of sites which have nothing to do with one another.  If I were to put anchor links to one another but put the color of the text the same as the background (i.e. not visible to the human), would the crawlers detect this?
Trying to get noticed!!!
Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Google (and probably other search engines won't like you)


Ray Smith
Ray Smith
Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Yeah. They definitely notice that. It's one of the oldest tricks in the book, and you'll get banned.

Also, you'll get much better SEO if you inbound links are from sites in the same basic category as your own site.
BenjiSmith Send private email
Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Google "linkfarm", and meditate a while on why it's a bad thing to do.

Really, the best way to get your site noticed by search engines is to get it noticed by people other than search engines.
Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Why do people ask if it's ok to do something, when the fact that they're asking at all shows they already know that it's a problem?  Are we supposed to say "yes, it's fine, go for it" and then take the blame when the inevitable happens?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007
You know, we've indicate that those links will get noticed by the search engines. 

Instead of using them to link to YOUR site, you can use this technique to perform hits on the rank of your competitor sites.

Legal?  Yes.  Moral?  No.  Business as usual:  You bet.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Do invisible links like this really not hurt the rank of the source web site as well the destination?

Thursday, August 02, 2007
Think of it this way...

The search engines don't see your site as rendered, they read the HTML code.

So those links aren't hidden.  They just happen to have styling applied to them.

Now, the search engines have some logic to see if the styling makes the text "invisible" or "off the page" (negative left margin for example).

And they hurt your site, not the site you link to, so the "spammy links" to hurt your competitor doesn't do much.  But it will kill your site.
Eric D. Burdo Send private email
Thursday, August 02, 2007

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