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SQL Server 2005 Express Deployment

I have created an application that uses SQL Server 2005 Express. Now it has come time to create the installation file for the software. I want to include SQL Server 2005 Express in the installation file. This is the first time that I am doing this type of DB deployment. Does anyone have any suggestions or past experience that they could suggest on this topic to point me in the right direction? Thank you.
Keith Maurino Send private email
Friday, July 20, 2007
I used it and found that it was best to have it downloaded and installed as a pre-requisite rather than deploy it yourself. You can achieve the same result but distribute it on your CD if you need to. MS web site has details on how to do this. Details are under SQL Express Deployement if I remember correctly.

It then became aparent to me that my target audience would see this as cumbersome and way beyond their needs - they (meaning support requests)  - would very likely have more diffficulty using it than an Access db.

I then looked at SQL CE and changed over as far more suited to my needs.

Unless your app is targetted towards database/tech savvy people then I would stear clear of any db like Express or mySQL.
glen harvy Send private email
Friday, July 20, 2007
dimitris x
Monday, July 23, 2007
I'm about to release a new app (for a vertical market) that uses SQL Server Express too. The article that dimitris pointed out is a great resource to get you started. I'm implementing my own wrapper to install SQL Server, so the user will first install my app and then my app will do the heavy-lifting for the user. You can gather a lot of information about possible installed instances of SQL Server in the user machine or in the network, so you can avoid bothering the user with technical options. It's working great so far.

Also, you may be interested in the Microsoft Component Installer SDK that is able to download and install SQL Server Express automatically, among other prerequisites.  ( ).
JAG Send private email
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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