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SSRS 2005 ReportViewer (WebForms) -- Printing Question

Hello All,

As you may know, if you use the Sql Server Reporting Services reports in local mode via the ReportViewer for you website, you don't have the option to print the report (as you would if you did this from a WinForm). I assume that people have come up with some solutions to this problem by now but haven't found any viable solutions on the net. My client doesn't want the hassle of manually exporting the file to a different format and printing from there. I was thinking of setting up "Print" button on the form that would automate the exporting to a PDF and print process but haven't yet solved the riddle as to how this should be done.

Have any of you guys developed a workaround for this that you can share? If you've found a solution via a website, could you provide a URL?

Thanks in advance
BStrick Send private email
Friday, July 20, 2007

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