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Gmail - SMTP - Is it a feature? Is it a bug? No. it is Gmail!

1) Configure your email client to use Gmail as the primary SMTP server.

2) Enable POP access in you Gmail account. Make sure you leave a copy on the server.

3) Send a few mails to your friends and wait for their replies.

4) Reply to their replies.

4) Log on to and you will find your client based 'conversations' truly reflected in you 'sent' and 'inbox' folders.

A copy of the emails you have sent is stored on the server. Along with the un-deleted inbox mails, a full set of the 'converstaions' is stored, matching your 'conversations' in your email client.

I love this. Especially as I use Opera and I have matched the 'labels' and 'filters' rules. A sort of IMAP without IMAP.

Is this setting of storing a copy of sent emails in the server specified in the SMTP standards? None of the ISPs I have used over the years have this enabled. Or has Google just tweaked their Mail Servers to pass on a copy to the Users' accounts when sent through their SMTP servers?

Also, what do I do with the following,

1) Google - 2 * 1 GB (This in addition to the one account I have configured for POP access)
2) Yahoo! - 2 * 250 MB
3) Yahoo! - 1 * 1 GB
4) Spymac - 1 * 1 GB
5) Office + Home ISPs - Unlimited (POP access)

given that the Gmail Drive Filesystem Extension is being thwarted by Google (or so I gather)?
KayJay Send private email
Monday, January 03, 2005
AFAIK SMTP is only describes transfer protocol. It's up to you what you do to transfered mails. You could store them to mailbox, resend, check for spam and viruses and store a copy if you like. Imho Google has to write their own SMTP server :) They need it anyway for their distributed OS.
Nekto Send private email
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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