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sax and sax2

I inherited a bit of code and noticed that it still uses the SAX (Java) libraries.  When looking at the sax documentation, I see that sax has been deprecated in favor of sax2.

Is it worthwhile to refactor existing code from sax to sax2?
Too Shy
Friday, June 29, 2007
You should wait until they depracate sax2 and use sax3.
Friday, June 29, 2007
I can't conceive of using such stuff. Port everything to a wrapper like xtream.
Friday, June 29, 2007
If it works, no, don't bother.

If you need to make major changes to the code, you should do it then.

Otherwise, do something more interesting - like browse the internet.
Anon Send private email
Friday, June 29, 2007
>> Is it worthwhile to refactor existing code from sax to sax2?  <<

Do you have any new requirements that would indicate a need to move to SAX2?

Are there indications from Sun that SAX will be removed from future versions of Java and not just deprecated?
xampl Send private email
Saturday, June 30, 2007
Port it to VB6.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

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