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Anybody Use "TestRecorder" by Aq

Hello all,

Looking for a tool that we can embed into our application that will (when turned on) at a minimum monitor that vb application and recognize the objects and record the object click events.

Talking with users when trying to recreate their problems is driving us crazy. We want to know what buttons did you click to create the problem. The always leave something out. We want to take the "monitoring file" and run in on top of our install at the techsupport shop and then single step thru the users actions.

Is this a product that does this?
Any recommendations on what I should look into?
Bill Jenkins Send private email
Monday, June 25, 2007
I do not know any tool that can do that. It should be possible to write one. I wrote some form of recorder few years ago with C# .NET 1.1 for win form.

For this kind of problem I instrument my code with a special smart TRACE method called from every methods of the application.
The TRACE method can figure out the name of the calling method and the parameters name and type from the .NET stack
object. The parameter values are not in the STACK object.
The TRACE method log to a file but also send the info to a web application on the internet.

On the other hand I can access the web application and ask for the trace via a browser. This give me some kind of real time.

Monitoring App event or Tracing are problem that Aspect Oriented Program try to solve.
You may have a look a or spring framework .net. These libraries are powerful but require some work to put in place.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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