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design issue in file sharing on windows


I have a file which is putup in a folder on Windows server. The folder is shared. Now there are almost or more than 300 Linux clients which will need that file; Many of them will be accessing it simultaneously. Now I need to decide how i should serve that file to all those clients.

If i share that file in a folder, other clients will be accesing it over samba. I am worried about performance factor over here and also simultaneous login issues which may arrise in samba.

Second way is to write a server program which will send file to whosoever client asks via opening a socket and transfer that.

Now i want to know which method is good and efficient.
John Send private email
Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Samba runs on the Linux client, right?  So each client will only be making one connection.  Doesn't seem like the Linux end would have any trouble.  If you think that the load will be so heavy that the Windows server will have trouble handling it, consider this: Do you think you can build a server that handles more simultaneous request than the Windows OS?  (maybe you can, but if not, stick with Windows).

There might be other considerations though (like firewalls).  Maybe serving the file via HTTP (from IIS or Apache) would be a better way to go?
Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Samba is an implementation of the standard Windows SMB protocol. Therefore if "simultaneous login issues" are relevant, I expect they'ld be relevant if your 300 clients were running Windows as well.

Personally, if they only need read access to the file I'ld use a web server anyway.

If they're also writing to the file, then I would fill a bucket with water and hold your head in it until you understood the error of your ways.  ;)

But if I did have some good reason to use file sharing, I'ld be hiring a system admin with knowledge of the relevant systems. Even with an all-Windows system, a beginner system admin (i.e. someone who has to ask basic questions about things like this) can easily make all sorts of subtle mistakes.

And "writing a server program" seems like a rediculous waste of your time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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