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Using the same receipt for order and payment?


The current manual system uses the same receipt for ordering and payment. (color coded receipt e.g. green = temporary or not yet paid, white = paid) After a product is ordered, a sales invoice is issued to the customer (green copy). Then, when the customer has paid, a white receipt will now be issued (original copy).
I’m not get used to this kind of model. In my previous experience, they make use of separate charge invoice, once an order is made then, a sales invoice when the order was paid.
What do you think is a better model between the two?
I think the separated invoice is better because you can easily track all the charge and all the sales. Also when multiple orders are made, a single sales invoice can cover all those orders.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Data is data. The order confirmation, sales invoice (request for payment) and receipt (confirmation of payment) are simply different interfaces to the data. Conceptually, you can use the same form for all three purposes, and just fill in the boxes as needed.

However, as j2e pointed out, humans find it easier to do the accounting when they think of it as separate elements; the invoice must match the receipt or there's a problem.

I personally really think it depends on the business in question; for example, if people typically pay in full, in advance then there's really no practical need to issue both an invoice and a receipt. Most ecommerce sites tend to have an order confirmation (when the user places the order), the invoice/receipt (when the order is boxed up and shipped, and the intent to deliver notice (how to track the order and what to do when it doesn't arrive as expected).
Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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