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Opinions on Delphi 2005 ?

I saw a post from someone complaining about Delphi 2005 being buggy.

Any opinions from anyone?
I'm primarily interested in win32 development issues.

Any specific problems?
Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} Send private email
Wednesday, December 22, 2004
I develop in Delphi 7 and have been following the release of Delphi 2005 to decide when or whether to move to it.  It does seem to be a pretty buggy release.  In particular, many people have complained of a pretty major memory leak in the IDE itself.  Surprisingly, many other people love it and are apparently getting along fine. 

I've heard rumors that Borland plans to get out a service release within next month or two.  I expect they will come out with some fixes and that Delphi 2005 will eventually be an excellent product.  It already integrates Delphi, C#, and Delphi.NET, and in new version coming out this year they're adding Borland's C++ back into the mix.

I don't plan to move to D2005 anytime soon, though, and I don't see any pressing need if your main interest is Win32 programming.  It's true that D2005 offers a couple of nice language enhancements (e.g., new looping structure of 'for .. in' to loop over collections), but I can get along without them fine.  The major enhancements over Delphi 7 are in area of IDE changes and refactoring, and I already use 3rd party tools with Delphi 7 that give me most of that functionality.

It's funny how people complain about Borland quality going down, Borland marketing being clueless, etc., etc.  But somehow Borland just keeps plugging away, they're profitable, and I think D2005 is going to turn out to be a successful step forward for them.  But I'm going to wait on it a little bit. ;)
Herbert Sitz Send private email
Thursday, December 23, 2004
An update for Delphi 2005 was just released and that memory problem appears to be fixed (as well as a long list of other things).
jb Send private email
Thursday, December 23, 2004
That's good news about bringing Cbuilder into D2005 !

I've looked at Borland's product description for D2005 and still can't fathom whether it can cut a standalone win32 executable or relies exclusively on .NET - what am I failing to see? Where to look further?

Thursday, December 23, 2004
Trollop --Notsure where you're looking, but here's a feature matrix that clearly categorizes features by whether they're present in the Win32, Delphi.NET, or C# portion of D2005.

One thing that has confused a few developers is that you have to have .NET installed even if you're only intalling the Win32 support in D2005.  This is because many of the new IDE features are written in .NET.  Apparently there are (undocumented) ways to tweak things so you can get rid of .NET on your machine once you've got D2005 installed, but you also give up using the new IDE features that depend on .NET.
Herbert Sitz Send private email
Friday, December 24, 2004
Thanks Herbert, that's reassuring. I need a remedial course in brochure evaluation (blush).
Saturday, December 25, 2004

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