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Should I sc**w Intervideo and Cyberlink?


I have developed a little activex control for a video share website which lets folks convert their movies to Vp3 encoded AVIs and upload to the server.

Now recently I rewrote the software to be Vista compatible and switched to DES from raw directshow. Now a problem surfaces. Invariably, the Intervideo audio decoder filter or the Cyberlink audio effect filter gets loaded into my process and will cause it to segfault within that.
This is due to their evil policy of assigning a directshow filter merit above normal, forcing the filter to get loaded into all directshow and DES programs.

Now this is definitely not a new issue, google for " crash" and you'll see close on 2000 entries.

I plan to do the following : My application will force the merit of the "bad" filters to normal. But this is a global setting and may affect Intervideo's working, but my rationale is if their buggy code can crash my program, why shouldn't I put the bug back where it belongs?

What would you do?
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

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