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WebBrowser control Image List help

Hi Guys,

I found Webbrowser1.document.image.item(x)

but how do I get a list of the images and get their urls?

it wont return the URL string.

here is what I have

For Each t As HtmlElement In WebBrowser3.Document.Images

I know htmlelement is probably wrong but What am I looking for. can someone make that work?

and does the image list include all images local and remove and all in CSS?  how acurate and thurough is the list? anyone have used this? 

I got the image list from plain  IMG tags

but how do I get a list of images from other types like from CSS image referances

This worked for me.  But only for <img tags.

For Each ImgElement As HtmlElement In WebBrowser3.Document.Images

is there a simple way of geting other types of image tags? or do I have to parse manually?  anyone know.? Brow
Monday, March 26, 2007

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