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Php within a deskto Application

I want to have developed a windows desktop stand alone piece of software that creates php code. Basically I want to be able to open the software and it has some basic formatting in side and then the customer can add fields etc and at the end outputs the info to a file and provides some html for them to embed in their web pages to access that code.

I want it in software rather than putting it online as my customers are technically challenged hand can easily copy and paste but otherwise are not to savy.

I want to be able to add variables etc. Is this possible and what would be the best way to develop eg c++ or vb etc?

Quentin Brown Send private email
Sunday, March 11, 2007
Just get a copy of Delphi for PHP
Monday, March 12, 2007

Probably VB or similar visual language (VB.NET, Delphi) would be the best choice for this kind of thing. Basically, it sounds like you want to write a program that will act like a kind of "wizard" that will generate the PHP for the user from a stock internalized template and will fill in variable user dependent fields.

Also keep in mind that such a program, if it's going to work for end users, must automate details like FTP transfers. But again, practically any language you could select today will have a way to do this.

C++ is way overkill for this kind of thing.

Lastly, for this kind of program, I recommend that you download and try the demo version of our hosts' program named CityDesk, which is a web authoring tool that does something similar to what you have in mind. Playing with it may give you some ideas.
Bored Bystander Send private email
Monday, March 19, 2007

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