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XML Meta Editor?

Since a few days I am trying to find an XML Editor that allows me to define the data types and relations between nodes and how to display a certain node in a "editor page", maybe including a kind of treeview on the left.

But I don't find anything, but can't believe my idea is such crappy that no one else ever tried to do this

I want to describe things like this:

object label has
  int x
  int y
  ref(font) *font
  string someText

object font has
  string fontname
  int fontsize

and then define an editor page like this:

object label is edited like:
  x at (5,5)
  y at (10,5)
  font at (5,20)
  someText at (5,30)

The editor should then dynamically create the editor page for a specific object node somewhere in the target XML.

Finally I can edit an XML file that constrains to an XML based description.

Does anyone have a hint for me what I could use?

Husker Send private email
Saturday, January 13, 2007
You're not talking about straight XML here. You're referring to some kind of programming model that uses XML syntax or file format.  Sorry, can't help you there.

"Finally I can edit an XML file that constrains to an XML based description."

That one's easy.  You're describing XML schemas and most editors should be schema aware.
A New Way
Sunday, January 14, 2007
A new way wrote:

"That one's easy.  You're describing XML schemas and most editors should be schema aware."

Well, actually the XML editors are not "meta" enough.
Of course I can validate any existing document against its schema, but what I want is, that the editor allows the "data typist" something like right-click on the field assigned to the property "ref(font)" and lists all "font" objects in the context menu, allowing the user to select one. It would fill the field with the reference to another object in the XML document tree and watching over deletitions etc.pp.

(1) XML as schema, (2) XML as visual editor description to (3) edit XML files conforming the schema (1)

Isn't there any project like that out there?

Husker Send private email
Sunday, January 14, 2007
I don't understand what you want, but wonder whether Altova's StyleVision is it.
Christopher Wells Send private email
Sunday, January 14, 2007
On the first glance the Altova Authentic2007 looks a bit like what I want.

The tool should allow me to define a (kind of) schema plus a visual design so an end user can type in information.

The tool shall keep track of references inside the objects of the "document/database".

The whole tool shall not be server based.

Oh, and it should be extendable like adding new "view gadgets" for objects.

Maybe what I want is something the most people do with RAD tools and a final language. I just thought, something like this is already present..

Thanks anyway for the hints, will check out the altova product.
Husker Send private email
Sunday, January 14, 2007
Misrosoft InfoPath did something like this with a meta file to compliment the schema and control the form input experience. I don't know exactly what you're after with the ref(font) though.

I had considered putting a quick version of this into my XML editor where it would just autoarrange the subfields of an element into a dialog by surveying all of the data values from the example document for length and type. This layout would then be stored in a meta file which could be modified. But I would not want to get into constraints or automatically knowing relationships between document objects.

InfoPath seemed to have a great way of handling cases where you could have any number of certain subfields by auto-extending the form. But this sort of application seems to quickly get to the point of diminishing returns where you might as well just develop your own custom application rather than trying to use the framework.
Ben Bryant
Sunday, January 14, 2007
Ben Bryant wrote:

"I don't know exactly what you're after with the ref(font) though."

I'd like to see a field with the name of an assigned "font" object (which could be 'arial') and when the user clicks on it, he can select another instance of any "font" object. So this 'property' shall be a reference.

Maybe I was a too unprecise with my first post.

Objects shall consist of properties. Properties should be from the set (bool,int,float,string,reference(anyType)). So a "widget" object could have a property "text" of type "string" and a reference to a "font" object.
Husker Send private email
Sunday, January 14, 2007

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