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Articles on Error Handling in code

What good articles (online, on paper, in books) are out there on error handling? I have a good picture in my head, but not good enough to write anything really good about it. So I want something to show others.

In particular I'm interested in multi tier systems--the 'right' way to pass errors across network boundaries and express them to the user, perhaps including technology-specifics like 'using exceptions with SOAP', and definately including things like localization issues. But practically the issues are not really that different in a multi tier system than any large system.

It looks like this post has three good links in it:

Here's an example of what I don't want: an article which tells people to do things which they really should NOT do (the reader comments explain why):
mb Send private email
Tuesday, December 14, 2004
It seems that error handling is not seen as a noble area ; I'm not sure many deep articles are written about it.
You may have a look at this page, which was discussed here before :
Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Sure seems to be an unpopular subject, though it's been covered here in JoS land in the past.
mb Send private email
Wednesday, December 15, 2004
I think its unpopular because its hard and not seen as fun compared to new features. In addition the articles suggested so far such as yours, the Exceptional C++ books are good reference (and probably remain so even if you aren't doing C++ per se, for slightly cut down versions have a look at ).

Probably the most important thing (IMHO) is to have a good policy about how errors are handled across the application.

And remember while you find a lot of people saying that exceptions are hard (or evil or whatever), unfortunately sometimes they have be used: in most languages where there are exceptions they are functions that have a fix signature (constructors or operator overloads for instance). (You can work you're way around these functions but the effort might be more than just dealing with the exceptions).

Not directly useful I'm afraid but if you find more good articles I'd like to read them to!
Ian G Send private email
Thursday, December 16, 2004

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