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Event and Vb 6

In our application, some times, when we change the selection in combo box / drop down menu, it minimizes and maximizes our  application.

for eg., we have our vb application open, and at the same time have windows explorer also open.

and in one of our forms, let say i change the selection in combo box, our application minimzes i.e. i will be able to see the windows explorer for a second and then vb application comes back on top with the new selected choice.

as far as i can determine, this behavior happens when we  open our forms on top a third party controls.

but this behavior is even stranger on citrix environment.
It just minimizes and never comes back.

how to fix this?

Friday, November 17, 2006
This occurs with combo boxes AND even menus?  This happens on a local machine (no Citrix or TS session)?

Never seen it.  Can you add anything more about the scenario?  Something is strange here.

Does it happen with a trivial program with just a menu or combo box?  Isolating the problem code or component should help immensely in troubleshooting something like this.  Try to create a minimalist example that reproduces the problem.
Slim Simi
Saturday, November 18, 2006
I'd say that there are two likely explanations:

1. you are running some code in the combo box event handling functions that is minimizing the window. First, go over the combo box code and see if anything looks suspicious. If you can't spot anything, try putting a break point in the window minimize event handler and then inspecting the stack. If you see any of the combo box event handlers on the stack, look at your code harder. This like this have occasionally happened to me when I called someones's utility function which had unadvertised side effects.

2. There is a bug in the custom control. Since the window is behaving flakily (beyond being minimized when you don't expect it to be) this seems the more likely. Google the control and the vendor, check the vendors support boards, finally set up the smallest, simplest, demonstration of the bug you can think of, and pass it back to your vendor.
Charles E. Grant
Saturday, November 18, 2006
I would also look at any sub classing code you might have.
Monday, November 20, 2006
I think Charles may be right. I have gotten the bug a few occassions before and found out that it was calling another form which had the WindowState property set to Minimize. So I would suggest you check all your form's WindowState properties as well.

I also have this problem with Crystal Reports. I put the CR control on my form. Whenever I run Crystal Reports, the Reports Window turns up behind some other VB forms already opened (it never turns up in front).
Ezani Send private email
Monday, November 20, 2006
thank you every one.

i haven't tried out the scenario's outlined here as busy with another project.

will get back once i have some information from testing.

happy holidays
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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