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Now I'm a full fledged Java developer

About a month ago, I whined about my company moving from .net to Java. Now that I've been trained, I'm beginning to set up my development enviroment. One question I have, that I'm hoping someone here can help answer. I'm going to be doing Java Server Faces development, and I'd assumed I'd just be using Tomcat. Now I'm hearing about IBM WebSphere, BEA's WebLogic Server, JBoss, and others. Is there a benifit to using one of those application servers? Or am I best suited using Tomcat?


Casey Send private email
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I missed the move to Java thread.  Can you recap why your company is doing that?
Old Coder
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Tomcat = open source base implementation java server pages server

Jboss  = open source Java bean server + webserver (jsp)

Websphere = java bean server + webserver(jsp) + additional security and configuration options

Hope this helps.. basicaly tomcat is great for small end projects.. but if your getting into the big stuff chances are youll need a different solution.
Jamie Guillemette Send private email
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Tomcat for small projects -- it runs
Chris Winters Send private email
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
TomCat is a J2EE Servlet Container (Jetty is another popular alternative), but it doesnt do EJBs.
The others you mentioned provide the full J2EE stack including an EJB Container, JMS, etc...
Actually I think most of them embed Tomcat (aka Catalina) as their servlet container?
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
You're probably fine using Tomcat for JSF, which is Servlet development. Tomcat includes a Servlet implementation so you should be good to go there.

You're question is a bit hard to understand. Are you being asked to choose for the company which application server to use? If it's your choice, I'd say to choose Tomcat since it will give you an excuse to stay away from EJB, and use something else. Plus its a good product, and the price is right.

In my experience both Weblogic and JBoss have worked fine on projects I've been on.
cbmc64 Send private email
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Tomcat will be easier to work with and configure, so I'd stay with that if you can, at least for development.

JBoss is an excellent application server. I'd stay away from Webshpere (and probably Weblogic) if at all possible,; they'd powerful but rather complicated.

If you need EJB-type functionality, I would skip EJB and go with Spring+Hibernate. Though EJB 3 does look promising, Spring and Hibernate have been out there and field-tested, and there are plenty of resources available for them.

Manning publishes some decent Java books (available for purchase in PDF format as well):

Pragmatic Progammers have some good Java books as well (also available in PDF format):

And another great resource for online books is O'Reilly Safari: (which has a free 30-day trial).

Need a revision control system? Try Subversion. Unit testing? JUnit. Logging? Log4J. Welcome to Java, glad to have you join us :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

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