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unicode postgres

i was trying to display some text
 4numbers in a box or so even for ' apostrophe please tell me how to

and here the python code for inserting
filt= Cheetah.Filters.EncodeUnicode()    web.insert('feed_entry',feedtable_id=feedt_id,title=filt.filter(d.entries[i].title),link=d.entries[i].link,updated=chkup)

and code for retriving feeds
i use cheetah to display
    feedentry_dct=dict((,web.query("select * from feed_entry where feedtable_id = $ ORDER BY
updated desc, created",vars=locals())) for i in feedlist)

how it is displayed in the html file or cheetah template
#for i in $feedentry_dct[$]
<a href="$">
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Friday, September 15, 2006

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