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I'm evaluating a healthcare system that was developed using CA OPENROAD (with Ingress DB). Does anyone have experience with the OPENROAD development tools and have some insight they would like to share, i.e., strengths and weaknesses of applications built with it, the future of OPENROAD now that Ingress is taking it over, etc..

Thanks, Chris
Chris Parisi Send private email
Thursday, September 07, 2006
The only think I can add is that CA never lived up to its promises with Clipper, and when they screwed up Visual Objects 1.0 they simply ignored it into oblivion.

I've also heard that there are companies that put "poison pill" clauses in their contracts with software companies that if that software company is bought by CA, they instantly get all of their money back.

Since the Clipper/Visual Objects debacle (years ago), I've not even considered CA.  Why bother, when there are so many GOOD software companies in the world?
Karl Perry Send private email
Thursday, September 07, 2006
We still run a number of applications on top of Ingres and Application By Forms (ABF) which serves as the front end user interface. We also evaluated OpenRoad at one point.

I would say more than anything else that these database systems are built for speed (as in dumb terminal style data entry) at the expense of everything else. I may be thinking of a much older version, but ABF is fairly limited in terms of interaction (think HTML forms back in 1995) and what documentation exists is scarce and badly written.

Again, assuming they don't have a new and much improved version, I would really only recommend these as one-off systems for when you need to input a lot of data relatively quickly (and plan to export the data into a much more flexible database later).
Saturday, September 09, 2006

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