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Source Safe Database Directory Structure Best Practices

Dear All,

We're trying to re-engineer how we store the DB structure in ClearCase source code repository.  The biggest problem is that have 2 applications that share 3 schemas, and we got over 500 stored procs (it's a bank, OK?!)

Anyway, I did my Googling for the last hour, and this is the only one I found:

Comments? Thoughts?

I would love to RTFM, if you could just tell me which FM to R.

Thanks in advance,

Greg Nudelman
Greg Nudelman Send private email
Thursday, December 02, 2004
When I was working with some large scale databases back in 2001-2003, I wrote a script that would essentially diff two databases and report.

Before someone could check something in, they'd have to run the diff between their sandbox machine (local) and the development machine.  Then before we'd deploy anything, we'd run the diff between the development and production.

As long as you can get at the system tables, it's not too hard to do.
KC Send private email
Thursday, December 02, 2004
Have a look at the Evolutionary Database design stuff at which may give you some more ideas.

Also look at the software by Redgate which does DB comparisons (no link. use google)

Justin Send private email
Wednesday, December 08, 2004

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