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Oracle's CDC package

Has anybody here used the DBMS_CDC_PUBLISH/DBMS_CDC_SUBSCRIBE packages? What was your experience? They just seem like a lot of risk, and a lot of trouble for dubious performance advantages.

Thanks for any feedback.
Steve Hirsch Send private email
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
I read about Oracle Change Data Capture for a project that I thought I would have to work on...but it fell through and I haven't needed it since.  In general, it looks like a nice solution, a way to propogate data, although I didn't get to the point of looking at the specific built in functions.

I do recall there being both synchronis (using triggers) and asynchronis (using supplemental redo log info, probably built on top of oracle streams).

Not sure specifically what you mean regarding risk and performance, the idea behind CDC is that they've already built it for you, you just implement the appropriate version of it for your system.

The warehouse guide has at least one good chapter on it.  You probably won't get much help on this forum for it, but some oracle forums should be of use.
smartin Send private email
Saturday, July 29, 2006

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