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Integrating Application

We have 4 different applications on different server and would like to integrate them. Each of the applications have their own user name and password. Integration means, providing common login/logout mechanism, and linking the application via hyperlinks at various places in application.

How I can accomplish this? I appreciate any ideas.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006
There are lots of ways to do it - too numerous to list here.

However, the first thing you probably need to do is just get people into the habit of using one username and one password for all four applications. Because of the security risks involve, this is more of a human problem than a technology problem. (There will be some managers that hate the idea, users will be worried about someone stealing their password, and so on.)

Once you have done that, you can install a program that does nothing but authenticate users. Examples are Windows Active Directory and Kerberos, but there are many more and it depends on your operating system.

The next step is to modify each application (one by one, not all at once) to ask your authentication program if the user is indeed who he is. Eventually you will convert all four applications over.

Most people then go on to the next step which is "single sign-on".  The user logs in once, and has access to all four applications.  I would suggest you just Google for your operating systems plus the "single sign-on" experession.

However, just getting people to use one username and password can be a killer - so focus on that first.
Thursday, July 06, 2006

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