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ORM Question - Modelling Nested Aggregation?

I'm reading Martin Fowler's Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, and I understand how to model normal aggregation (many-to-many relationships), for example:

Database table name :primary_key
A: a_id (PK)
B: b_id (PK)
A_B:a_b_id (PK) a_id (FK), b_id (FK)

becomes in OOP:
Class A, which has a collection of class B's.

But suppose we have nested aggregation (many-to-many-to-many):
A: a_id (PK)
B: b_id (PK)
A_B:a_b_id (PK), a_id (FK), b_id (FK)

C: c_id (PK)
A_B_C: a_b_c_id (PK), a_b_id (FK), c_id (FK)

How do you model this relationship in classes?  From what I understand, you generally don't want to make classes that represent link (association) tables (e.g. A_B or A_B_C above) because they don't really make sense in an OO world , so how do you do it?
Josh Kodroff Send private email
Thursday, June 29, 2006
The first example should be
class A
class B

class ABAssoc
List getA(B forB)
List getB(A forA)

Otherwise you create unncessary (and unhealthy) dependencies between A and B

class C

class ABCAssoc
List getABAssoc(C forC)
List getCAssoc(AB forAB)

Now, A, B, C are strong entities therefore they deserve their generated pks. However the assoc classes are weak entities, therefore I would think long and hard if I'm not better off with a composite key. The reasons is with composite keys you have visibilty back into A, B, C without any extra joins (only a BCNF or 3NF).

select * from ABC, A where ABC.a_id =

Otherwise the query would look like:
select * from ABC, AB, A where
ABC.ab_id = and AB.a_id =
Dino Send private email
Thursday, June 29, 2006

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