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integrating .NET and JMS

.. so the issue is to set up an efficient communication channel between a .NET client and a JMS based network service (it does database queries based on incoming messages and reports the results). I need something that I can effortlessly plug into my local .NET application and set up an efficient connection with the remote service. I have investigated various possible solutions such as the Codemesh JMS Courier and JNBridgePro. However, I'm not entirely sure which package has the optimum payoff between direct cost, ease of implementation and actual real-life performance. Or perhaps I'm barking at the wrong tree, maybe JMS isn't the best messaging solution between Java and .NET after all? I appreciate all suggestions and comments.
Monday, June 26, 2006
JMS is a messaging /API/, not an implementation. Your .NET client can only interract with a remote JVM at the protocol level (unless you have some really deep magic). So I suggest you settle on a protocol, and then create a JMS implementation that uses the same protocal as you client.
Thursday, July 06, 2006

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