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Mail reading approach in an ECM!?

Hi all,
 I want to design a mechanism for our ECM's(Enterprise Content Management) mail feature.

There are two approaches till now:

 1. Old method: Our previous oldish ECM connects to an external mail server, read mails as client(using POP3 or IMAP), Save them in repository(DB,fileSystem,...), convert them to Forms (Everything that is shown to user is a Form in that version).

 2. Maybe our new method(!): We have an embedded mail server within our ECM, it connects to external mail servers, read mails as client (again using POP3 or IMAP), communicate with a mail client within system to show the mails as actual mail documents to end users OR save them in repository for further index,search and access.

 The benefit of this second approach is I have not convert mails to forms and vice versa.

 In you valuable opinion what is/are the drawbacks of each system? Thanks alot for your time and attention.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

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