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VB6 and modal form

hi all,
  recently our customers have started complaining that application (VB 6) seems to freeze.

after some investigation, we found that if we hit alt + F4, we seem to get back the control to that instance. so we are thinking its some modal form/window that is not coming to the fore front(z order screwed up) and since its modal, it seems as though frozen.

this behavior is not reproducible in our machines.

how do we find out, which form is causing this problem? we tried using spy++ with out much success. we may not have used it the right way.

any ideas will be help ful

thank you
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
If memory serves, all of the VB6 forms will be of a class like "Thunder Form" or "Thunder Dialog" or something like that.  You should be able to use Spy++ to find all windows belonging to a particular process ID -- find that with Spy++ or task manager.
D. Lambert Send private email
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
I ran into this situation once, and it wasn't the z-order, but the saved dialog screen coordinates. The customer normally used the app on a two monitor system and would move the dialog to the second monitor. Our app was saving the dialog position and would always display it at the saved coordinates. When she would undock her laptop and use the app with one screen, the dialog would still "appear" at the screen coordinates of the second monitor.

Hope this helps,
Former COBOL Programmer Send private email
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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