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Forcing an ajax update from server side event


Maybe I can explain what is happening. I have 1 .aspx page containing 2 user controls.

User control1 contains a combo
User control2 contains a grid

The combo fires an ajax callback:

<%=Callback1.ClientID%>.MakeCallback("param1", item.ComboBox.ID + "," + item.Value);

From this I then populate another combo in the same user control, this works fine. I also bubble an event up to the containing page.

Resulting in the following code executing:

        private void WebForm1_BubbleClick(object sender, Telerik.WebControls.CallbackEventArgs args)
            maingrid myGrid = (maingrid)RadDockableObject3.FindControl("Maingrid1");
            Telerik.WebControls.RadGrid theGrid = (Telerik.WebControls.RadGrid)myGrid.FindControl("RadGrid1");
            theGrid.MasterTableView.CurrentPageIndex = 0;

From here I get a handle on the grid in user control2, I now need to force the grid to update (using ajax style callback). How would I do this from the server side event above?

Is this possible?

Many Thanks
Friday, May 26, 2006
Is this the sort of thing you are talking about:
Monday, May 29, 2006

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