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Recommend Copy Protection & Activation Product?

This need is coming from my client (Pacing my words like Shatner: Do. NOT. Tell. Me. How. Evil. It. Is.)

The client demands two key things: hardware based detection (a la XP); and they want to run the activation server themselves, not pay for per-unit activations. I am assuming that we will want to tweak the hardware detection model, because one aspect of the product is occasionally reconfiguring the HDDs.

I've searched the Google directory category for such products and I have turned these products up as the most serious contenders:

"Licenturion" is interesting: they seem to be subject matter experts in activation theory, and they provide critiques and info on XP's activation. Plus they publish very, very informative white papers.

Most of these products are around $1000; Licenturion is in the 5000 Euro range for the activation server component (it figures, they position themselves as the experts.)

Any experience with one you like?

Thanks much!
Contractor Send private email
Thursday, March 09, 2006
If you are using a borland product for development you could use the free TurboPower OnGuard.(sourceforge).
Just another Delphi Guy
Friday, March 10, 2006

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