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37signals book

The guys at 37signals have put togther an e-book on their design methodology:

Looks interesting.  Has anyone actually downloaded it yet?
Jason Send private email
Monday, March 06, 2006
I've downloaded it and read it in an afternoon. I found some parts to be quite inspirational, as in "I could do that". It's interesting to compare their Getting Real approach with Joel's "you have to design things before you implement them" approach. There's actually on of Joel's quotes about distractions in the book.

I liked the fact that they got real with the book and self-published it as a PDF (several, in fact; there have been revisions), but would still like a printed edition.

They've had a lot of silly comments along the lines of "I work in weapon control systems and I could never use this approach", but people haven't taken notice the caveats. It's a book about what they've found works for them in the fairly narrow field that they operate in. It's worth a look for $19.
John Topley Send private email
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
I work in a similar field, at least part of the time.

Most of the content of this book is stuff that you shouldn't need telling. It's superficially interesting to see their processes, but it isn't far from fairly normal lightweight agile anyway. If you need to be told things like "get it working early" "build incrementally" "get feedback early and often" etc. then you've either not been doing this very long, or you really shouldn't be doing it anymore. Both of those mean you're not about to become the next Flickr.

Note i'm only saying that with regard to this relatively specialist sector.
Andrew Cherry Send private email
Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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