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Beautifully written C++ programs.

I was wondering, does anyone on JOS know of open source C++ programs that in their opinion are well (or even *beautifully*..) written? What programs in your opinion can a novice read to pick-up common language idioms and techniques for ensuring correctness and reliability? I know of the standard must-read books (Effective C++/STL, TC++PL, D&E, Code complete, Design patterns, Refactoring etc.), but I'm specifically interested in reading code.

Suggestions in other languages are also welcome!
Monday, February 13, 2006
You're way ahead of most C++ programmers with 10 years of experience: Reading Code is what advances your skills more than anything.

FLTK [ ] is beautifully designed and written. It's not "textbook clean", and it goes against many so-called "axioms of good design", such as "global variables should be avoided at all cost". It's a GUI toolkit that's easier to use than _any_ other I've tried, with little compromise on functionality and a huge advantage on speed. Download it, compile the demos, run them and _read_ them. After you get an idea of how simple a GUI toolkit could be, read the actual implementation.

Python is plain C, but is also a very good read. It has lots of #ifdefs, which are a little unpleasant, but apparently that's needed for the tens of platforms (including Nokia cellphones and IBM Mainframes) it supports.

GSL (Gnu Scientifitc Library) is plain C and _very_ educating, if math is your cup of tea. SQLite is plain C and is a very readable, functional DB engine.

It's hard to find readable C++ as these projects tend to evolve into monsters the first time someone who's obsessed with templates and metaprogramming touches the source; And there are way too many of those.
Ori Berger Send private email
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
I tracked down this out-of-print free-on-the-web book, just so that I can have my own copy.  I don't about what other think but it has a lot of interesting thing to say about C++.

You can also get their C++ Windows GUI framework  ( ), while it took me a week to get it set up properly.
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
The Relisoft stuff is Good Stuff(tm).
J Send private email
Thursday, February 16, 2006
For starters I honestly have to second the opinion of Ori Berger in full of his entire post.  Another source library that I believe considers honorable mention in relation to this thread is PTypes that, although documented well, has source implementation that is actually easier to grok when you use the library.  I would compare it to FLTK of useful functionality that is not included with Standard C++.
C Johnson Send private email
Thursday, February 16, 2006

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