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Car Design Grumblings

Speaking of design and cars the bad interface in cars is starting to make cell phone design look good.  My biggest annoyance are the headlights on our Chevy Suburban.  It has the tradition dial with the off, parking lights, and on.  Well the GM engineers wanted to make people's life easier by automatically turning the lights on when its dark and off when its light out.  That's fine except when you want them on or off that differs from what the vehicle thinks it should be.  The switch does nothing, until you press the “dome light' button 3 times in a row, then the switch behaves normally, i.e. goes off when you select off, etc.    Then there is even a more bizarre scheme to program the locks to automatically lock and unlock.  So basically what the designers did was add a bunch of new features to the regular truck but kept the same interface.  My bet is that average owner has no clue about how to operate all these things.  Every time I have to deal with it I think man if Joel drove one of these things he would go on and on about the bad design.

And don't get me started about programming the automatic climate control on my SAAB, it makes regular expressions seem intuitive!
Bill Rushmore Send private email
Friday, January 27, 2006
or car radios with mp3 function, which use all the buttons on the radio for mp3 functionality.
e.g. in my old kenwood cd player (one of the first available here with mp3 functionality) i have to use the am - and fm - buttons to switch between folders.
English is not my mother tongue
Monday, January 30, 2006

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