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What is design feedback

Joel Wrote:
>>The only goal that usually doesn't conflict is the >>requirement that whatever you design be really, really >>cheap.

Somewhat true, but in a sense this requirement implicitly conflicts with the entire set of the other requirements, doesn't it? So I'd say at some level even this one requirement is in conflict, just not so direct as: Light and Heavy or Open on top versus Closed on top

Joel Wrote:
>>"How could a mute button on a sound system hurt?" After >>all, if you don't want to waste time learning about the
Totally agree. Taking this a bit further, there's Weinberg's Rule of 3, which can be loosely stated as the following (From: Are Your Lights On?):
"If you cannot come up with at least three problems with your solution, then you don't understand your problem."

That is, EVERY solution introduces new problems. We hope that the problems we introduce are not as bad as the problems we're solving.
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Friday, January 27, 2006

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