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UI _is_ a sales tool

I design and code software for industrial Ethernet switches.  Not very sexy.  You'll never see them at CompUSA.  But I have a strong background in UI design and have been adament about making the configuration UI usable.  It's all the more important because users don't live in our product (like they might in 'Word or Firefox) so it has to be dead simple to use for occasional users.  And our users are more likely to be electricians or process engineers than network engineers.  It has paid off as several customers have told us that in head-to-head evaluations with other vendors' products, we've won contracts on ease of use!
Chris Nelson
Friday, January 27, 2006
when u say UI is a sales tool, it almost sounds cheap. It sounds like UI is something of no value added just to fool the users to buy the project. However, I think a good UI deserves better respect in that it solely determines whether your user will use it or not. All software and hardware are created for humans [mostly] and as such a good ui becomes inevitable part of it. Ofcouse good UI sells more the same way good food sells more. We shud not even be discussing it here.

Friday, January 27, 2006
You could just as easily say that every part of a product is a sales tool. If you build a product that works really well, it will probably sell more than a product that does not work really well. Just like a well written book will probably sell more than a poorly written book, or a painting painted by a talented artist will be more sought after than a painting by an amateur.

The UI is as much a part of the product as whatever engine lies underneath. If you make any part of the product better, you increase the chances of selling it.
Reckless Me Send private email
Friday, January 27, 2006

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