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Web software "pattern" or conventions

I am a project manager with a not too technical background. I haven't really ever programmed but now during the holidays I started playing around with PHP. I have also read about J2EE, frameworks for Java like Struts, about Smarty for PHP and also something about CMS and portal engines.

The thing I am after are something like "best practices" for web-based software. This idea is still very fuzzy inside my head but I try to explain.

For example, I have noticed that if there is a page with a form in it, the users seem to have a sort of "silent" requirement that if they make a mistake typing in something, it would be checked right after they press the submit button.

Another example is log-in. People seem to be accustomed here to a certain way that it should work.

I have noticed there are lots and lots of these type of things that people just expect but do not maybe say aloud about the way they want the website to work.

Are there any lists or books or anything about these type of "conventions"? I do not know what I am actually after but maybe some kind of a list of these certain elements or even "modules" that are almost always present in web-based enterprise software and good ways to do them.
Markus O Send private email
Monday, January 09, 2006
Some resources:

"An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design"
An article by one of the designers at 37 Signals.

"Web Design patterns"
A big list of common Web conventions, when to use them, what they do, etc.

"Functional Design Patterns"
A more programming oriented article (disclaimer: from my own site) about the need to document how common Web app problems are solved.
Deane Send private email
Monday, January 09, 2006
Look up Model-View-Prensentor by Cory Fox
Patrick Send private email
Monday, January 09, 2006

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