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RPATH Best Practices

Where I work, large software development house, some of the engineers got into this hugh debate over whether or not RPATH should be set for shared libraries.

Under Linux/Unix, shared libraries are like DLLs in Windows.  They have names like

For as long as we have known, we never set the RPATH when it came time to compile & link our shared libraries.  Our shared libraries, some, live in /usr/lib while others just sit in the install path of the application such as /usr/local/my_program/lib.

RPATH allos you to set a field with in, at least I think, so that can load other shared libraries it may need.  Without setting the RPATH, the operating system wide cache is searched.  Under Linux this is /etc/ or LD_LIBRARY_PATH and CRLE under Solaris.

The debate insued for some time.  I'm on the side lines watching the debate and I thought I would post here to get feed back from other professionals.

What are the PROs and CONs to using RPATH and is setting RPATH generally a recommended thing to do?

Are there any best practices to using RPATH?
Thursday, December 08, 2005
I have positive experience with RPATH and $ORIGIN (putting the .so in the same directory with the executable, without hard-coding the path). But not enough experience that I can give a "best practice" endorsement.
Ori Berger Send private email
Saturday, December 10, 2005

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