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What language to use??? I have a project but no expertise.

I have an idea for a piece of software but unsure on what language would best suit the project. Please keep in mind I havent used any programming since Basic (yes! Vic20 Basic! I know your smiling), so please use lamens terms. 

Without giving away the details... what language should I use (or contract to use) for interactivity with a 3D model on your desktop? One model with some basic AI, responding to keyboard and mouse input, but mostly has random routines executing pre-scripted model motions. I would need to utilize sound (.wav) as well. In addition, I'd prefer a language that could easily be revised to add or remove these 'motion scripts' without too much trouble. I am jumping into 3D animation and will be supplying the models and motion scripts but the integration to some basic AI, input response, randomization, saving variables, etc, I have been out of the loop for quite some time.

Thats the core of it. Other ideas that may affect the language choice are:

1) Is it possible to have a 3D model on your desktop with a transparent background? (remember those annoying MS Office helpers... but in 3D and OVER ANY open windows)

2) Possibly some very minor voice recognition depending on how complex that is for even minor applications. Not WORD recognition per say, but voice.

All of this considered, am I looking at a C++ solution here, or would something this small be ok with maybe OpenGL, Visual C++, DarkBasic? I dont mind possibly doing the programming myself (it's THAT good of an idea :)) but if it means tackling C++, that may be a bit too much downtime considering the learning curve. Any other easier languages that might fit my needs. If best done in C++, thats fine, I'll go outside with it (and split the profit... damn).
Cameron Send private email
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
i would try Cobol.NET :)
jerome Send private email
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
As BASIC is your main 'experience' so far I'd go via BlitzBasic. It uses OpenGL, can load wireframe or full 3D meshes/objects, supports 3D animations and is happy to talk over the internet. It's fast and easy to code in.

My first project with it was an Elite-style fly around a solar system thingy. I only bothered doing the populating of the system and basic movement in 3D space, using TrueSpace models, but the end result was perfectly smooth on a PII and was less than two screens of BASIC code.
Karl Cartlidge Send private email
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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