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The software abstraction

Hi folks,

My primary area of work deals with
network interface drivers.(*nix like OS & C)

I have been looking for some guidance to understand the software abstraction at some
level of detail.I mean,describing a network interface,say you have a card/motherboard with say a physical ethernet port.How are these interfaces typically described in software?I am not looking at the details of the data structures that would describe them.I do have a working knowledge of these things,but that leap from h/w to s/w is what I am trying to understand.

I am not very sure if I have made myself clear here.

In brief,given an interface card of some kind,how to
think and arrive at a software model of the same?

Any comments/suggestions/pointers to resources are
most welcome.

Anand Send private email
Monday, November 21, 2005

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