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Realtimedata Server and DCOM

I've been trying the simple RTDS on MSDN but have no luck. I know how to set up a DCOM server and client and I follow the steps to make an RTDS and client work locally.

I have also read "How to use an Excel RTD server with DCOM" but do't know how to "register the server" on the client machine. All of my client machines are running Windows XP.

The "Package and Deployment Wizard" registers the projects automatically. But it seems that I cannot register them by regsvr32 and clireg32.

I just have no idea how to regiater the remote server for an Excel worksheet.

My questions are:
1. Is dcomcnfg supposed to work with clireg32, or dcomcnfg alone can replace clireg32?

2. How do I register the remote server on the client so that Excel can recognize and call it?

Hours of Google search returned no relevant answers and I am so desperate. So I would appreciate any pointer or suggestions. Thank you very much.
S.C. Send private email
Saturday, November 06, 2004

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