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Common Language and Collaboration

I have much experience with Java in both front and back end development of web apps. A fellow IT team member knows Clarion and has experience with SQL Server, Crystal Reports, some ASP.NET, and network administration. We're considering collaborating to set up an intranet with .NET. We both consider ourselves starters in the .NET framework.

I expect we both need to know a common .NET language to edit projects. I may be wrong. Is it possible Visual Studio will automatically convert a file or project to the .NET language of my choice and allow editing in that language? Can VB.NET, Jscript.NET or Clarion.Net be used to edit a file originally in
Friday, August 12, 2005
No, Visual Studio does not do any language conversion. If you can divide your project up into multiple Visual Studio projects (each vs project generates a single output - .exe, .dll, or web site) each vs project can be done in a different language if you want.

You're probably better off both learning one of the .NET languages; with your Java background C# is probably the best choice.

I must admit ignorance about Clarion.

There are some tools out there that do VB <-> C# conversion, but they're really only useful if:

1) You want to look at some sample code that's in the "wrong" language.

2) You need to convert an entire project at one go, then don't go back.

There's also decompilers like Reflector ( ) but they aren't 100% round-trippable (you lose local variable names, for example).
Chris Tavares Send private email
Friday, August 12, 2005
When you begin .NET development, 80% of the effort is learning the .NET Framework, and 20% is learning a language. Learn the .NET Framework and you'll be able to collaborate with each other just fine.
Friday, August 12, 2005

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