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What techn[ologie|ique]s for executing on windows apps servers?

Have an application that works well from the user desktop, and connects to a local server for the DB.
Now they location - people who need to manage and run the software - have moved to a location remote from the DB.  As a consequence the performance is no good becausze of heavy interaction with the DB.
Would like to put the application on an windows "application server" to run the program close to the Database, but have no idea on how to trigger the execution and perhaps track interactivly from the remote.

Pref not to have users login to app server using terminal servers type stuff and running interactive desktop.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Windows Service
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Is your application carefully separated into layers - presentation, business logic, data access?

Can you remove the data access layer from your application and build it as a separate program to run on the server?

Is your interface between layers designed for distribution - chunky rather than chatty, minimize network round trips, lots of caching, etc?

You can't just "put the app on an application server" and expect things to work without going the Terminal Services/VNC/Remote Login. You're already seeing that. Your application design assumes a local database, so it's probably doing more round trips than are strictly necessary.

You've got two things to do. First, redesign your interface to the database so that it pulls more data with each round trip and caches intelligently. Second, decide how to connect to the server. In general, directly connecting to the database over the Internet is a bad idea, as there are significant security & firewall issues. Usually I'd use web services for this kind of job, but your situation or toolset may be different.
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
==>You can't just "put the app on an application server" and expect things to work without going the Terminal Services/VNC/Remote Login.

And there's nothing wrong with this route -- to a point. We've successfully done this with both Windows Terminal Services and Citrix. They both work fairly well, but it gets to be an administrative pain when you start having hundreds of users to support on the app server. If you've only got a dozen or three, I'd say this is a safe route that has little to no pain from an application development standpoint. You don't have to change much, if anything, in the app to go this route.

OTOH -- If you've got several hundred or more users, you might want to consider going another route. Then again, you might not.
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

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