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Need a .NET architect


Ours is a R&D software department in a healthcare company and we develop workstation software for our medical diagnostics instruments. We need a .NET architect to help us to architect the next generation workstation application. We are looking for very experienced architects having lot of experience in architecting workstation applications. We are thinking of approaching .NET consulting companies (or Independent consultants). Have you guys ever used such companies to architect applications? If so whom (or which company) to you recommend? The architect should be able to work with us full time for sometime and guide us in the design.
I appreciate your responses.
Thina Kesavan Send private email
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Hi Thina,
Depending on the timeframe you are looking for, we would be able to help.  I work for Construx ( ) which is Steve McConnell's company (author of Code Complete, Rapid Development, and Software Project Survival Guide, etc.). 

About half of our company does project work (requirements through code complete) and we have good depth in architecting .Net applications. 

Let me know if you would like to discuss this further.

Jim Grace
Jim Grace Send private email
Monday, July 25, 2005

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