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Component for realtime frequency & volume mesurement?

Anyone know of a component for real time measurement (or, even better) display of sound from the Mic?

Ideally, we'd like it usable by Delphi. If not, VB 6 might work.

There may also be some Windows APIs for that. Not sure.

A few that I've found: 
expensive for VB6. Not available for delphi, apparently.

FreeView Pro
No prices in english.
Mr. Analogy (uISV) Send private email
Thursday, June 30, 2005
I looked into this years ago while I was still thinking of using my EE degree and didn't find anything for less than about $10k or so, but those did voltage analysis and other stuff too.

You might check into some of the Matlab components and see if they put you on the right track.
KC Send private email
Friday, July 01, 2005
Looks like there are quite a few economical, free, or open source options:
Mr. Analogy {uISV} Send private email
Sunday, July 03, 2005

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